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Corporate Maintenance

Annual printer repair and Maintenance Agreements take the guesswork out of printer maintenance and repair costs. For a economical annual fee, we cover all printer repairs labour. This coverage excludes consumables such as ink, print head, mainboard, toner cartridges, drum kits, and transfer kits. With an Annual Maintenance Agreement, you protect your printer against breakdowns and minimize downtime, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars.

Preventative Printer repairs and Maintenance
Service agreement include 1 preventative maintenance calls per month, at which time printer equipment is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, lubricated, aligned and calibrated. With our comprehensive printer maintenance service contract, much of your uncertainty about printer reliability is taken away. Regular preventive maintenance dramatically reduces the amount of printer related downtime and reduces the number of overall printer failures each year. We provide a printer repair and maintenance service for your prin

On Site Services
With our On-Site Service Contract our technician comes to your office, no matter where you are in our service business area. We will repair and maintain your printer,  maintained right where you work, therefore allowing you the time you need to get on with your job. With our on-site service saves you time and labor.

Onsite printer repair service, Printer Maintenance
Whether you are a Small Business or a Large Company, for any kind of printer issues our team is always ready for getting your printer repaired.

Get Service Now
Contact our service professionals to discuss your printer repair and equipment maintenance service options to get a quote. With our expert service technicians we deliver the best services with a service agreement that is right for you.