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Refill Ink And Toner

Plustech Refill Center provide refilling for ink and toner for all top brands as well toner refills and replacement ink cartridges. From Epson, Canon, Hp, Fuji Xerox, Brother ink cartridge refills to Samsung laser toner refills, we are your one stop shop for quick, easy, cost effect printer refills.

By refilling will save up to 80% compared to buying new printer ink or laser toner cartridges 

Save Money
Refill Service saves you from needing to purchase expensive OEM cartridges and can save you up to 80% without compromising quality

Our high-quality inks work perfectly with your supported HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark or Dell printer and produce the same high-resolution documents.

Milion empty cartridges are ending up in landfills each year in Bali. Re-filling your ink cartridges at plustech will help reduce environmental waste.

How long does it take to refill a cartridge?

Typically, takes less than 30 minutes to refill a cartridge. 

Can I refill my cartridge here even if I have had it refilled elsewhere?
As long as your cartridge is in good working order, we will normally make every attempt to refill it for you. 

Is there a recommended usage date for a refilled cartridge?

The Cartridge should be used within 30 days of refill


Refill provide Delivery at least 5 cartridge

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Price List Refill Ink and Toner

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AS Good As Original

Our ink refill service give no compromise on quality. We stand behind our ink service and guarantee your HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark or Dell printer or other, will produce prints that look just as good as expensive name brand cartridges. Our high-quality inks  to produce consistent results each and every time you refill

create as many page as originalPrint  as many pages  as original, at up to 20% of the price

Plustech Refill Center use technology that makes filling your ink cartridge up to the brim a reality. This often results in a cartridge that contains more ink than a brand new cartridge. With savings of up to 80% and our quality match guarantee

reduce reuse recycleRefill Not Landfill

Love the earth and keep those empties out of landfills!
Your ink cartridges can easily be refilled and used over and over again without any noticeable difference in quality. So, why contribute to the 70% of ink cartridges that are being thrown away after one single use? Be smart, save money and  love to the earth by not contributing to the  millions empty cartridges that are thrown each year